Many gaming companies typically offer either an online gaming platform or a downloadable version. It seems that the millions of roulette players can only find multiplayer versions online with flash only. There are not many developers who offer an offline version to download along with the option to play live online. Multiplayer roulette has grown in popularity because of the unique ability to play with many people at one table. Whether for fun competition or aiming for the ultimate jackpot, players now have more choices with the industry leader in the technology for gaming software development. Quality is not compromised when playing online or off.

Special Rules

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  • Multiplayer roulette gives gamers the option to play with up to 7 players at each roulette table.
  • Players can see others at their table make bets while making their own. The other players can also see their betting activity.
  • In order to win, players must choose one, two, or three numbers; odds or even; red or black; or zero and double zero to make a bet.
  • The ball will be spun on the roulette wheel and must land on a player’s number or designated slot to win a payout.
  • There are various time limits for each roulette table in which players must place their wagers.

Gaming Software Overview

Microgaming is the industry giant in terms of casino gaming software. There are over millions of players all over the world enjoying the smooth online and offline play. The advanced technology gives players the ultimate experience with high quality sounds and realistic 3D animation. This is all because of constant efforts to improve software and Microgaming takes pride in offering quality platforms that are not only easily compatible with various operating systems, but also with computers and internet browsers used all over the globe. For over a decade, this industry leader has consistently improved their technology and has already developed countless casino games.100-101 ICND1

Flash Software

For any type of online gaming, flash software is most widely used and preferred by players in many different countries. The benefits of Microgaming’s unique design include fast loading flash software that is fully compatible with Internet Explorer and even Firefox. Most gamers use one browser or another, so having error-free gaming with both is rare. Microgaming does not only develop software to work with different browsers, but the performance is not compromised and players can still enjoy the great graphics and smooth gaming. Clear and crisp animation pairs well with high quality sound for the ultimate gambling experience.

Downloadable Software

There are millions of multiplayer roulette gamers all over the world and the numbers are climbing as high as the jackpot offered. Many players enjoy the sensational experience of online casino gaming, but also look for ways to practice and develop better gambling skills. Microgaming takes an extra step to offer their players the choice for both online and offline gaming. Although the software is not required to be downloaded, there is an option to have the software readily available on your computer. There are more options available for multiplayer roulette games and with the high quality performance both offline and online players should expect.